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About the DIER

On 5 December 2017, the Faculty of Law at Heinrich-Heine-University founded the Dusseldorf Institute for Energy Law (Düsseldorfer Institut für Energierecht – DIER). The institute serves as an independent research center for the further development of German, European and international energy law. The institute's task is to contribute to the development of a coherent legal framework for the dynamic and increasingly regulated field of energy law.

The Dusseldorf Institute for Energy Law promotes research and teaching in energy law at the Heinrich-Heine-University of Dusseldorf. Interdisciplinary research is carried out in all areas of energy law with a focus on public law, including its constitutional foundations and European legal implications. DIER is open for cooperation with other institutes and scientists.

DIER offers a forum for the dialogue between science and practice. Through research projects, conferences, workshops and lectures, scientists, practitioners and the interested public analyze and evaluate questions of energy law. DIER supports young scientists working in the field of energy law.

Prof. Dr. Charlotte Kreuter-Kirchhof heads the institute.

The Dusseldorf Association for Energy law (Düsseldorfer Vereinigung für Energierecht), founded on 27 November 2017 at Schloss Mickeln, supports the DIER.

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